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Kill The Bad Guy available on May 28th!

Breaking news gamers!!
The release date of Kill The Bad Guy is unveiled : May 28th for PC, Mac and Linux!
It will be a bloody day for all the Bad Guys!

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Kill The Bad Guy – Outtakes trailer

KTBG is now finished! Exkee would like to make you a gift: few minutes of giggles with a best of funny bugs met during the game development… and now corrected ;)

Special thanks to Samuel Safa and Hate in Front for the soundtrack :

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New screenshots

SplashScreen Multi 1920 A
KillTheBadGuy 2015-08-07 15-16-10-82 (0-01-38-02)

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KTBG introduce you a new character : the Bodyguard

Exkee is continuing the development of KTBG, we’ll be in Beta soon! The moment for us to introduce you a new character : the Bodyguard.

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Introducing the Maestro! + Rap Edit

Exkee is working with an incredibly gifted artist in order to bring you a blasting sound!

Samuel SAFA is a composer and a story-teller. His scores, his machines and his imagination serve ambitious art works. Eclectic and open-minded, he composed high-quality scores for many Video Games, Films, TV and Musicals.

He appeals to two singers Pointt Reazon and Metaled to work together for the Rap Edit version of Kill the Bad Guy’s theme!

Check this out!

And to see the maestro in its natural environment, it’s here ;-)

We hope that this artistic choice will greatly contribute to the game experience!

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Approved by a large majority on Steam Greenlight, Kill The Bad Guy has arrived on Kickstarter!

Our game is 3/4 complete. We are submitting it on Kickstarter now because we are missing helping hands from the community, in order to offer an innovative and attractive game, in the course of may 2014.


You can find the link for the demo on our Kickstarter page!

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Get the demo!

In order to thank you for your support, we offer to you the possibility to download a first playable version of ‘Kill The Bad Guy’ on IndieDB for Window, Mac and Linux

Please note that it’s a ‘Work In Progress’ version and several things will be improved.

The 10 levels of this Demo are mainly ‘tutorial’ levels, however this will show you the evil genius of KTBG

Try it and enjoy your kills!


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Kill The Bad Guy greenlighted in only 2 days!


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Press release #2 – Full gameplay trailer

Discover in few minutes a thousand and one ways to dispense justice in the game « Kill The Bad Guy ».

KTBG is a puzzle game with the very uncluttered atmosphere in « black & white », which don’t balk to offer to you splendid murders!

In the skin of a shadow justicer, the player will have to get rid of mafiosos or other war criminals untouchable and comfortably hidden among the population.

To complete successfully his mission, he mustn’t be spotted by his target and especially not deal collateral damage when eliminating a fellow-citizen… The death of the Bad Guy must pass for an accident

The « Bad Guy » is quite simply in the wrong place at the right time  :-)


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Press release #1 – First gameplay trailer

First gameplay trailer of « Kill The Bad Guy »: Discover the new indie game that will kick bad ass!

Exkee invites you to practice the art of assassination in an original game from its “divine” gameplay and its bloody monochromic artistic direction. KTBG will allow you to organize discreetly the removal of former gangsters, old mafiosos, war criminals, skillfully hidden among us.

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