Gangs of Bad Guys : the new multiplayer mode in KTBG universe !

Discover “Gangs of Bad Guys”, a new multiplayer experience in the atypical Kill The Bad Guy’s universe! On the contrary of the single player mode, you are not a justicer which is killing all the Bad Guys, but you have to prove you are the most bad ass and dangerous of them!

Playable up to 16 players, the watchword here is competition. Face your opponents and kill them all. As when you were a lonely justice, you must be clever and cunning to achieve your aims, but this time no more discretion. Turn items of everyday into gnawing traps, combine elements, and bring the terror in the streets!


The gameplay keeps its point and click orientation but is a little adjusted for taking on a new multiplayer dimension. This time, like in a hack’n’slash, you can directly control your Bad Guy with the mouse’s right click. The left click is still used to move the camera, and also to attack, to sabotage or throw some items on the map. When you create a trap, it’s yours and it can be triggered anytime even if your Bad Guy is far from it. You can claim ownership of hacked items by other players.

Hand-to-hand weapons are a new element in “KTBG”. Among elements with witch it’s possible to interact, you will find banks and money convoys to piling up dollars, and armories to buy weapons. The program includes baseball bats, chainsaws, grenades, guns, or cigarette lighters to create powerful explosions.


Playable in free-for-all or in teams, “Gangs of Bad Guys” holds 4 modes:


Deathmatch! Every Bad Guys must kill each other! No rules, it’s the perfect mode for free-for-all. Set a trap for your opponents or attack them to increase your scores.

    Capture the flag

Here each gang is assigned to a base with a flag. The players have to defend it while trying to steal the opposing flag.

    The Godfather

It’s time to prove you are the chief of all gangs! Take possession of the item of power and keep it the longest possible to increase your scores.

    Last man standing

One life, one chance to save your life! In this deathmatch perfectly adapted to cooperation, only one Bad Guy will survive. The match ends when just one player or one team is staying alive. If a player dies he can continue to use his allies’ hacked items.


“Gangs of Bad Guys” offers many maps for the Bad Guys’ clashes. Their level design keeps many elements of the singleplayer mode but get used to multiplayer. The sizes are variable, the biggest allow to interact with more items and are created for royal battles. The smallest are perfect for close combat.

From now on the multiplayer it’s possible to choose between many Bad Guys skins. Some are already seen in the singleplayer mode (zombie, lemming), and new funny ones appear (cowboy, pirate or prisoner). There is something to suit all tastes.

The players can communicate with the others in using the chat, whether it is during in-game or in the matchmaking room.

It will start in a bloodbath very soon in closed beta. More informations are coming in few days.

ScreenshotKTBG_097 ScreenshotKTBG_108

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Breaking News: Bad Guys fight each others in the streets


We are on our way to release a multiplayer for Kill The Bad Guy. Play as one of the bad guys and prove your the bloodiest around by killing your opponents. Free for all, team vs team or capture the flag, use your brain and skills to be the baddest. Closed beta coming by january 2015.

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Get the demo!

In order to thank you for your support, we offer to you the possibility to download a first playable version of ‘Kill The Bad Guy’ on IndieDB for Window, Mac and Linux

Please note that it’s a ‘Work In Progress’ version and several things will be improved.

The 10 levels of this Demo are mainly ‘tutorial’ levels, however this will show you the evil genius of KTBG

Try it and enjoy your kills!


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News Alert – Announcement trailer

Marseille, the 31st of October 2013

« Kill The Bad Guy »: Exkee announces is new independent game with an original trailer

Want to remove all the Bad Guys from the surface of the Earth? You will soon be able to do it in the next game from Exkee Studio!

Since 10 years Exkee develops both games for famous publishers and small independent productions (I -FluidColorZ , Voodoo Dice…).

Our brand new original indie game is definitely more mature and will allow players to builddevilish traps in order to eliminate one by one every Bad Guy hidden all around the world.

Kill The Bad Guy” is a game defined as a puzzle game where the physics of the elements plays an important role in the constantly renewed experience of the player.

Who are the Bad Guys? They are a class of men who you can’t suspect the origins. Formermafiosos, war criminals and other lawless killers, they are remaining incognito among the population. This population, which they have so long despised, now allows them to escape justice by hiding within it. But you are there, you are watching, and soon you will do justice.

Having an original gameplay and an original Art Direction, Exkee needs an original trailer! Here is a short ‘live’ video that announces our new project:

Soon on Kickstarter and Greenlight, follow us on and social networks


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Join a secret and  mysterious society whose members have sworn to get rid of war criminals, former mafia members, and other criminals, going incognito among us. Hiding behind the appearance  of a simple ‘man in the street’, the Bad Guys feel untouchable. They don’t expect you to track them and make evil plans. “Kill The Bad Guy” will stress and test your mental skills through a puzzle game where physics plays an important role.


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